We reached school in good time to find a mother and child in front of us, using the log in system for the first time. I breathed in deeply because as you all know, dropping offs and picking ups are like a marathon for me!

I rushed out of the school after logging in, sped to the train station, paid and locked the car. All good, made it in time. I even had time to double check that the car was indeed locked!

Reached the platform with 5 minutes to spare and reached into my bag.

Darn it, where is my source of joy and entertainment? I rummaged into the bag deeply but nadah, nothing!

😓 Alamak, I must have left it in the car! Thoughts run through my head, should I just leave it? Will I have enough time? Maybe just leave it but what if HC or someone calls me?

I decide to run for it! Ran like a hare, frantically pressing my buttons to unlock the car, retrieved the source of entertainment to hear the train light signals ringing, indicating that my train is coming!

Sped back just as the train crossings were lowering and sped onto the platform!

Phew 😅, made it just in time as the train pulled into our station.

Not even 7.20 am and already I am exhausted from all that running this morning!

A hot lemon tea at work this morning, after all that running 😂.

During lunch time, I caught up with Aunty A for sushi 🍣 at Jaws.

Funnily this branch seemed to have a wider variety of sushi than the other branches. We both enjoyed our sushis as usual, sharing each platter we chose. She didn’t quite like the ikura though so I had both!

We had a play date straight after school. Went over to one of Tristan’s bestie’s place and the mummies drank bubble tea while the kids tore the place down.

Sigh, handling four kids wasn’t easy (seriously don’t know how my ah ma did it). There was a lot of shouting and telling tales among the kids and lots of nagging and warnings from the mummies.

We took away dinner from Tak Heng again and were eating dinner, when M, the younger sister of Tristan’s bestie started crying and complaining of an ear ache.

We took her temperature to find that she was having a temperature. Decided to dial a doctor as the poor girl was really uncomfortable and was in pain.

We left as soon as the doc showed up. All the kids were looking visibly tired by then and were getting whiny and cranky.

Master T was so tired that he asked whether he could do without a bath but nah, we weren’t having any of that so we plonked him into his bath quickly and now, he is fast asleep!

Hehe time for me to watch my Korean dramas!

Breakfast this morning coz I got up too early and had plenty of time to spare.

Actually, HC did the sunny side up for me and I just added the avocado, jap mayo and sweet chilli sauce.

So yums!

Back to swimming lessons after missing classes for 3 weeks.

As usual, he was reluctant to get into the water at first. I changed into my swimsuit thinking that I would probably have to get wet with him.

Mana tau before the class started, we reintroduced ourselves to the teacher and he blurted out “I am scared”. The teacher was really nice and said “why not let us warm up first and play in the water?”

She started hopping and jumping in the water with him and he followed and when the class started, he turned to me and said “Mummy, you don’t have to come in! I will be ok!”

He wasn’t as brave as the other kids yet in putting his face under water but never mind, my main motive is to get him to get used to the pool and learn that water is actually not that scary.

Baby steps ya?

Hehe caught a smile from him when they were using the “noodles”.

Out in the cold waiting for our UberEATS delivery. He is holding snacks for the driver.

HC was meant to tapao duck and char siew for dinner today because swimming lessons will finish late and Tristan and I will reach home too late to cook however he suddenly decided to go see a doc about his foot which has been hurting for days.

He was still waiting for his turn after Tristan and I reached home, showered etc.

Master T started complaining that he was really “hangry” and I was already in my pjs, so no choice but to order.

Erm…I think I over ordered as usual.

Larb chicken, pandan chicken, curry chicken and pineapple fried rice from Little Ying Thai.

Every morning, I stand a distance away to lock my car door.

It doesn’t matter whether I pressed lock earlier coz by the time I reach the platform, thoughts of “did I lock it or not?” will have me running back to the car and pressing lock once more.

Sometimes, I press lock more than once to “confirm” that the car is indeed lock and sometimes I try opening the door just to make sure. Old brains lah…

Does this happen to you too?


Day 2 and already the boy is whining about going to school.

👦🏻: why do we have to go to school?

👩🏻: Er…to make friends and learn?

👦🏻: but school is so boring. I want to stay home and 😴.

👩🏻: well, you don’t have a choice. You got to go.

👦🏻: why can’t we just take the plane everyday and go different places.

👩🏻: (Wah, I wish too man) hmm…maybe you can do that when you grow up and earn lots of money but to do that, you have to go to school first.

👦🏻: grr…ok ok. Then can we go in now?

Back to work, back to the grind.

Looks like it is going to be a perfect day today!

Funnily, it feels like I have been away for ages and I don’t quite know what to expect. Anyway, I will find out when I get in to work! But first I think I might meet up with daitaoha for a chai latte.

Ok, getting on the train!

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

Last night’s very simple dinner of beef stroganoff and asparagus with mushrooms.

The beef stroganoff was so good!!

I really love my multi cooker! The beef turned out so so soft and tender.

We licked our plates clean and both HC and I turned to one another and said “should have cooked more hor?”

Tristan loved it too and kept saying “who cooked it, Mummy? Is it you? I love it!”

Ahhh…my lovely sister daitaoha got me breakfast of some kind of wrap and my favourite chai latte!

The wrap had sausages, eggs, rice, cheese and I think some kind of beans. Very interesting and very tasty!

The wrap left me so full that I couldn’t eat my lunch of leftover beef stroganoff.

It has been a very fulfilling morning at work.

Now catching the train to fetch the little one :).

Quick dinner tonight of minced pork and mushrooms and also stir fry broccolini with mushrooms.

I had mine with black pepper sauce 🤤.

And his face explains it all! We are so happy to be home and to be reunited with HC again!

We all had a very good sleep last night.

In Master T’s words, “Mummy, our bed is so soft, just like hotel bed! See…you can jump up and down on this bed but mah mah’s bed, cannot!”

Wanted to sleep more but then the little Master is asking for breakfast. I have been telling him “still early, 5 minutes more” but at one point, I heard his stomach growl, the poor thing sighing and saying “tummy shush, Mummy said “5 minutes more, I am so hungry…”

Yesterday, we spent more than 12 hours travelling home with a transit over in Singapore.

Both kids looking out of frosted windows at our plane.

Ohhh koko, you are just sitting behind me? Yes, can keep terrorising you for more mentos and skittles!

Wah, I bought a new bottle of mentos for the trip and by the time we reached Perth, the bottle was half empty!

This kid enjoyed himself on the flight though he talked non stop throughout the trip (my poor ears!). I keep thanking God that I am lucky that he loves travelling and loves anything planes. I am truly truly grateful.

He slept for about an hour, ate heartily during lunch time (he ate most of the meal I ordered, leaving me with 3 bites!), played with his iPad, coloured for 10 minutes, went to toilet twice and disturbed poor saitaoha and saitaomei in front most of the plane ride.

Poor Yee Yee didn’t fare so well though.

I think both her kids were overtired from the travelling. Saitaomei cried for ages during take off and landing (I confirm that she has really strong lungs) and Saitaoha decided to join her by crying and screaming for her attention. We tried to help poor Yee Yee by throwing endless supply of mentos and skittles saitaoha’s way but I don’t think it worked.

As the poor kids were wailing away, I heard people going “真烦”, “为什么一直哭不停“, saw all these annoyed faces (shaking heads and what not) and all these heads turning around and people standing up to see who the wailing children belonged to.


As a parent, I can’t even explain to you the precautions we take to try to make sure our kid doesn’t cry on a plane.

Thanks, “Kamsahamnida” guys for putting more pressure on us coz we, who saw these faces and heard these remarks, were trying everything in our power to calm down the kids from disrupting you all any further.

Where is the “understanding”, the “offer for help” when one needs it? What are we or what were you expecting us to do? Seriously the parents have it hard flying with kids, especially on a long flight and we should never feel segregated for having children.

Sorry for the rant but those who are bothered by the kid tend to become more disruptive than the kids themselves.

I am just amazed how “shitty” people can react to a kid and their parents. As if the parents are so ecstatic that their kid is screaming.

So please if you do come across a crying kid on the plane next time, please do give the mama and papa a break. There is no need to shame one.

We really do not need extra pressure from trying to calm our crying kids.

Thank you ah.

Ok rant over, HC was UberEATS last night and came pick us up with dinner!!

He took away so much food that there was more than enough also for kookycookie’s family (we didn’t know that they were picking us up too) so it turned out really well.

Back to regular programming.

We all went to check out the brand new Fresh Food Precinct at Belmont Forum this morning.

Free face painting, what the kid came for.

The “tall people” entertained us as we waited in line for face painting.

Poor face painter had to google for an aeroplane image. She must have been thinking “aiyoh! Why not something like easy like a butterfly or tiger?”


And time for lunch. Having whatever is easiest, sushi sushi.

My ah ma had the padthai which was not bad, but on a sweeter side.

Shopping for groceries.

Back to slaving in the kitchen tonight. Aii…sian ah…

We then checked out the new playground outside. Nothing great, it was super tiny.


She is playing on the xylophones while he is dancing.


The weather is so hot in Kuching that both daitaoha and I are down with headaches or maybe it is just the kids driving us crazy with their crankiness.

Oohhh where are we heading to today? Are we going out again?

Koko, why are you looking so glum? You no like your kolo mee? I, saitaoha will gladly eat it for you!

Btw, did you know that Koko and kolo rhymes??


What?? What do you mean it doesn’t?

See??? I wasn’t wrong right? It was yummy right?

Especially with red char siew oil.

Koko slurped the bowl clean!

The adults licked their bowls clean too!

They all had the hae mee, seriously “the best” in Kuching!! So yummy 🤤.

However mah mah says that we won’t be back anytime soon coz it was really hot at the Hawker Centre and we kids no like the heat!

Maybe mah mah, we tapao next time instead?

And as if we kids weren’t cranky enough, we braved the heat and headed to the biggest event in Kuching, Kuching Festival!

So crowded though we were there really early!

Koko cooling down with an rainbow icecream. This icecream cost Yee Yee RM7! Mahalnya!

In the end, we had to transfer koko’s icecream into this coconut shell because as Koko was licking his cone, the icecream became lopsided.

And all the kids got balloons!! RM12 each.

So many stalls but the adults had such a hard time looking for things to buy for dinner!

Nothing looked appetising. There seemed to be many stalls selling fried food and Taiwan sausages.

Flying high in the sky…fly and fly and fly and fly…

Koko really loves his balloon.

Bye bye Kuching Festival! We don’t think we will be back anytime soon!

Elo there! It is me, Miss chubby cheeks! We are on the way to the airport!

We loved our stay here in Singapore and hope to be back again soon! See you again sunny beautiful Singapore!!

Singapore shark doo doo doo…eh Koko wrong action lah!

Doing what we do best! Filling our tummies before we board the plane!

Ordering a poh piah.

The adults claim that it was meh, too wet and crunchy. Not satisfying.

There were lots of choices.

However Yee Yee ordered most of the dishes from this stall called Hokkien Mee.

Check out how much they ordered!! Hello Yee Yee, only 3 adults leh!

You feeding army har?

We are loving these strollers things that Changi airport provides for us little people! So thoughtful.

Aiyoh so pwetty!! The decor not Koko I mean!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride Koko!!!

And we are home!! Koko is very tired and threw a tanty (tsk tsk) and is now taking a nap!

Getting ready to go out!! We are going to our favourite mall in Kuching for dinner!!

Tee hee hee…I love Kuching coz I always get to go gai gai and I get the best view in the car!

Pizza Hut for dinner tonight! Not that I can eat! I can only see jie jie and Koko wallop the Pizza! Koko loves it.

Koko ate very well tonight. He had a slice of the pizza as well as some of Yee yee’s dinner.

Mah mah asked both Yee Yee and Mummy what they wanted for dinner and they said that they were sick of Hawker food such as noodles but they didn’t mind having Sugar bun so Sugar bun it is!